• Image Processors HD-330

    Achieving greater efficiency with the HD-330 Image Processor as it provides high-quality endoscopic images.

  • Image Processors HD-350

    Innovation rewrites the standard. The HD-350 is a High Definition Image Processor for endoscopy systems. It is designed specifically to answer to your request on high image quality, with an excellent budget friendliness.

  • Image Processors HD-500

    HD-500 Image Processor adopts the state-of-the-art technology to provide High Definition endoscopic images, improving efficiency and accuracy in routine and complex procedures.

  • Image Processors HD-550

    A Brighter Way to Image Clarity

    The one-stop, cost effective, High Definition Video Endoscopy System just got better. SonoScape’s HD-550 Processor has evolved in many ways, excelling in a variety of routine and complex procedures.

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