• Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator RESCUE Life 9

    Rescue Life 9 provides complete monitoring of parameters such as 12-lead ECG, HR, SpO2, NIBP, temperature and EtCO2. Synchronised cardioversion and external pacemaker in fixed or on-demand mode.
    – IPX4 allows operation in adverse weather conditions.
    – High performance battery provides up to 5 hours of continuous monitoring.
    – 8.4″ display
    – ECG analysis
    – Recorded ECG data and events can be transmitted and managed on a PC using free downloadable software.

  • Portable Color Screen AED Defibrillator With ECG | Defi 6

    Portable AED which can be equipped at home in public places or in the hospitals. It’s easy and convenient to use when give first-aid to patient.

  • Mediana A15 AED Automated Defibrillator

    • Semi-automatic operation
    • Impedance compensation
    • Adult/Paediatric Mode Switch
    • Automatic power-up on opening of the lid
    • 2010 AHA guidelines
  • LiFEGAIN CU-HD1 | Defibrillator With 3 Lead ECG And Built In Printer

    AED Cuhd1 standard package 3 lead ECG ;external paddles ; printer ; carry case

  • Le-Cor Automatic External Defibrillator | A102

    two energy sequence including adult moode and pediatric mode
    Biphasic Truncated Exponential
    Maximum energy up to 200J
    Storaged data transmission by infrared adapter
    Human body resistance measurement
    Particle and Water Ingress:IP55

  • IPAD SP1 And SP2 Disposable Li-Ion Battery

    The battery pack is an essential cog in the defibrillator machine. Without an adequate power supply, a defibrillator is unable to provide life saving treatment after a person has suffered a cardiac arrest, so it is essential to ensure that your battery is always working.

  • IPAD NF1200 Disposable Battery

    • Non-rechargeable battery
    • Lithium manganese dioxide battery LiMnO2 12V, 4.2Ah
    • Battery type: At least 200 shocks or 4 hours of operation
  • Emergency First Aid Defibrillator Monitor With Biphasic And Monophasic Technology Defi 9

    Defibrillator with ECG Monitor, compact, durable, light weighted defibrillator which integrated monitoring, manual defibrillation, AED and pacer(option).

    It is a professional biphasic defibrillator-monitor suitable for hospitals and clinics. 

  • AED Saver 1 Fully Auto AED 200J /CarryCase/Disp Battery

    User-friendly PAD (public access defibrillator) fully automatic version
    No need to press the shock button to deliver the shock!

    User-friendly Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) reliable for any lay rescuer (even without minimal training) ready to save the life of victims stricken with sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

    Designed to help save lives in any public circumstances and optimized for a rapid delivery of defibrillation therapy, anytime and anywhere and before EMS team arriving.

  • AED Defibrillator | I-PAD CU-SP1 (Public Access)

    The i-PAD CU-SP1 is an automated external defibrillator (also known as an AED or PAD). The i-PAD CU-SP1 is designed for minimally trained individuals. It provides simple and direct voice prompts and instructions for straightforward rescue operation. It is lightweight and battery powered for maximum portability.

    Key Features

    • Easy and Simple Operation
    • Efficient and effective e-cube Biphasic technology (BTE type)
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Pre-connected pads (one pair of pads for adults and chilidren)
    • Easy communication with CU-EX1 software using IrDA or SD card (multi-event recording) –OPTIONAL
    • Pads usage indication (Check and indicate the expiring date)
    • Adjust volume automatically depending on the circumstances.
    • Perfect for public facilities
  • AED CUSP2 Intelligent Public Access Defib

    1x iPAD CU-SP2
    1x battery
    1x battery docking station incl. power supply
    1x protective and accessory bag
    1x defi electrodes

  • AED | Disposable Pads Paediatric

    • AED Disposable Pads for use with the CU-ER range.
    • 2 Per set
    • Size: Pediatric
  • Adult Electrode Pads For CU-SP1 And SP2 AED

    Adult Electrode Pads For CU-SP1 And SP2 AED

    All defibrillator electrode pads are designed to be one-use only. Therefore, having an extra pair to hand could make all the difference in the important minutes following a cardiac arrest.

    • Adult pads ( for patients weighing over 25kg)
    • Single-patient use

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