High flow oxygen therapy device are used for Oxygen related therapies and provide sufficient amount of oxygen to address health concerns and maintain healthy body through several breathing aid devices. At i-surgical, you will find range of breathing aid devices, such as, Oxygen Concentrators, Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) and High Flow Oxygen Devices. Our high flow oxygen therapy system undergoes multiple testing phases for quality assurance and meet all healthcare regulatory requirements and standards.

High flow nasal cannula is widely used for controlling respiratory disease like COVID-19 and pneumonia. HFNC offers many benefits than standard oxygen devices. It produce heated and humidified air which reduces airway resistance and prevents inflammation. HFNC provide oxygen from a Bi-nasal cannula and heated inspiratory breathing socket. The flow rate can be adjusted up to 50L/minute. high flow therapy is used for patients with low to moderate respiratory failure and it can be used to avoid conventional masked, invasive and noninvasive ventilation therapy. The device also increases oxygen saturation levels and eliminates carbon dioxide and leads to improved oxygenations, respiratory rate and helps recover quickly and ensure minimum ICU days.

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At i-surgical, we also supply PPEs such as, 3ply face masks, cloth masks, alcohol rub, surgical gowns, face shields and latex gloves. You can find emergency mobile ventilators for ambulance use and portal ventilators with air compressor for ICU. Among other medical supplies, we have accessories of breathing aid devices including nasal aspirators, nasal cannula, saline sinus rinse and masks.

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