Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia Machine

Surgical procedures require Anesthesia machines that are used to induce sleep by dispensing gases to perform surgical procedures in humans and animals. At i-surgical, you’ll find a wide range of medical devices including ventilators and anesthetic machines. Aeon-8700 is an advanced anesthetic machine fully load with features is available online. The device is equipped with a breathing circuit consists of tubes, connectors and valves and a device that removes access anesthetic gas. The machine has an anesthetic delivery system comprises of oxygen flow meter, vaporizer and volatile anesthetic liquid to produce vapors.


Anesthesia machine is equipped with advance breathing system that offers two layer design with large CO2 container. Its adjustable APL provides fast release and also fully autoclaveable which makes it fast to response for low flow anesthesia. A 12.1 TFT LCD screen provides interface between the user and device parameters such as, data, information, flow levels and message alert. The machine has a gas scavenging system that is used to eliminate waste gas present in the room and minimizes breathing by personnel.

The device has following specifications;

Gas supply O2, N2O, AIR; 280kPa – 600kPa
Cylinder yokes O2, N2O, AIR
Fresh gas flow indicator Electronically display and virtual fresh gas flow tubes
Ventilator Electronically controlled, pneumatically driven
Compensation Compliance and Leak compensation, fresh gas compensation, altitude compensation
Monitoring FiO2, Ppeak, Pplat, Pmean, PEEP, MV, Vti, Vte, Freq., Compliance, Resistance
Graph Display P-t, F-t, P-V, V-t, Paw-V Loop, V-Flow Loop, optional CO2-t

i-surgical deals in range of other medical devices ranging from baby incubators, diathermy and accessories, ultrasound machines, ECG machine and patients monitor and diagnostic kits. We also have portable ventilators and mobile asthma ventilator for ambulance and paramedic staff for immediate assistance.

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