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Innovative Surgical Medical Supplies t/a i-Surgical is a Namibian owned national distributor and supplier of a range of the latest available medical equipment throughout Namibia and Southern Africa. We opened our doors in 2010 previously known as Allgen Medical Supplies and then reinvented and re-opened i-Surgical the new online and marketing division. We primarily focus on Medical Devices, Surgical Products, Laboratory, Sterilization, Radiology, Dental and Mobility Products. We have a well-developed niche in the areas of Operation Theatre, Surgical implants, and Laboratory respectively. We pride ourselves in honoring the highest expectations and quality requirements of this noble profession. The company boasts a strong local leadership and unparalleled international partnerships that have years of practical experience in the respective industry, therefore able to understand the unique industry needs and provide the best counsel and after sale services. We only specialize in international products that meet the highest quality standards as required by leading quality assurance bodies.


To be a leading distributor and supplier of specialized and highly advanced technological equipment in the field of medicine with the hope of breaching the gap between the quality of health services experienced in the first world with that of our African civilizations.


To distribute and supply the latest range of specialized medical equipment available at affordable prices whilst ensuring excellent customer service, continuously improving delivery time and methods.

Market Segment

Hospitals and Medical Practitioners across Namibia and Africa. Our mission to supply and provide excellent service to our clients is safeguarded by our experienced staff in the health profession; they give the necessary expert support to the sales team to ensure satisfied clients. These experts are also responsible for installations and training as it is sometimes required with this new technological equipment.


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