Biological Microscope XSP-300E

Biological microscope is one of the widely used laboratory equipment that studies organisms. Microscopes are widely available from simple optical microscope to high resolution imaging devices used in cell research and molecular studies. At i-surgical, we deal in range of medical devices from surgical devices to laboratory equipment such as biochemical analyzer, blood and infusion warmer micro scope.


We have high quality XSP 300 biological microscope designed to deliver precise results and ease of use. The device has a high quality achromatic lense that allows the light transmission to focus and limit chromatic aberration. The instrument is also equipped with adjustable long handle for easy handling with a stable frame and adjustable brightness levels. You can also fit different types of eyepiece styles from mono/bi/trinocular to dual head as well to provide relief from eye strain and muscle fatigue. It has a magnification rate from 40X to 1600X with a wide field eyepiece. A revolving quadruple nose piece is designed to offer smooth rotation with achromatic objectives ranging from 4x 10x 40xs and 100xs.

The most common application of biological microscope is found in school, college, universities and hospital laboratories. The device can also be attached with dual head lens and LED bulb to prevent optical strain and offer comfortable examination of specimen.

Following are the specifications of XSP-330E Biological Microscope;

Wide Field Eyepiece: WF10X and WF16X Optional

Achromatic Objective: 4X/0.1, 10X/0.25, 40XS/0.65, and 100XS/0.85

Weight: 4-5KG

Fine Focal Range: 30mm

Eyepiece Head: Compensation free binocular head 45 degrees inclined

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